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The 8th International Symposium «Metrology of time and Space»

The 8th International Symposium "Metrology of time and Space" will be held from 14th to 16th of September 2016 in St. Petersburg. Symposium is organized by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Technical Measurements (FSUE "VNIIFTRI"). The event will be attended by 50 leading enterprises and organizations of Russia and 27 foreign companies from the USA, France, England, Italy, Germany, occupying a leading position in the field of time-frequency support. Morion Inc. will be a member and a chief sponsor of the event.




 Time and frequency the services and standards.

    1. National services for time, frequency and determination of Earth rotation parameters.

    2. Time and frequency standards.

    3. Time scales.

    4. Time and frequency measurements in the microwave range and in optics.


Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

    1. Metrological assurance of GLONASS and GNSS.

   2. GNSS onboard frequency standards.

   3. GLONASS and GNSS signals simulators.

   4. GLONASS and GNSS receivers.

   5. Methods and means for absolute calibration of GLONASS receiving equipment.

   6. GLONASS system time scale.


Instruments for measurements of time, frequency, length and their applications.

   1. Metrological assurance of instruments for the measurement of time, frequency, length, and coordinates, as well as specialized time and frequency equipment.

   2. Time and frequency transfer through various communication channels.

   3. Calibration and certification of instruments for measurement of time, frequency and length.

   4. Applications of precision time and frequency measurements in basic and applied research.




– National primary time and frequency standard of the Russian Federation: current status and prospects for development;

– Time and positioning measurements in GLONASS;

– World time service, international time scales and comparisons;

– Accurate frequency standards based on cold atoms and ions, time and frequency transfer links;

– Estimations of random time and frequency instability;

– Nuclear frequency standards;

– Моbile frequency standards;


– Time scale transfer technologies;

– Current status of precise quartz oscillators;

–Time and frequency transfer through a fiber – optic links;

– Operational determination of Earth rotation parameters;

– Accuracy evaluation of GNSS receivers

– Modern researches in atomic gravimetry.


Talks will delivered by leading experts from Rosstandart, Roscosmos, VNIIFTRI, BIPM, PTB, NIST, etc.