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Morion has released two 10MHz, ultra-precision OCXO’s with digital frequency control: MV336M and MV360M.

The MV336M provides ultra-low close-in phase noise (<-92 dBc/Hz@ 0.1 Hz, <-120 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz), excellent short-term stability (ADEV) of <1.5E-13 @ 1sec. and temperature stability of <±5E-11 (-10 to 70 C). SPI digital frequency control (EFC) is incorporated, making the MV336M a unique solution for Test and Measurement applications. The MV336M is available at 10MHz, 12V operation and has sinewave output.

MV336M datesheet


The MV360M is a second-generation double oven ultra-precision OCXO that provides excellent temperature stability of <±3E-11 (-40 to 85 deg C). Electrical frequency control (EFC) is realized by means of 16-bit DAC with I2C interface. MV360M is an excellent solution for 5G, telecommunication, test and measurement application. The MV360M is currently available at a standard frequency of 10.000 MHz with SIN output. Supply voltage is 5V or 12V.

MV360M datesheet


More information is available upon request.

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