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Morion, Inc. at international exhibition «ExpoElectronica 2008» (Moscow, Russia).

On 15 - 18 April 2008 Morion, Inc. has taken the part in international exhibition, which during 11 years of its operation became the largest trade event at the territory of Russia and Eastern Europe - «ExpoElectronica 2008».

Detailed information about this exhibition, as well as the pictures of Morion's booth can be found in corresponding section of our web site.


Morion, Inc. is the Best Exporter in year 2007.

Morion, Inc. received a 1st grade award from the Government of Saint-Petersburg for the achievements on the field of the export of the products. Morion is named «The Best Exporter in year 2007».

New generation of precision temperature compensated quartz oscillators (TCXOs) MV202 and MV203.

Morion, Inc. has finished the development of new generation of high precision temperature compensated oscillators (TCXOs) - MV202 and MV203. These oscillators ensure OCXO-like stability level (long term stability up to ±1х10-7/year and stability vs. temperature up to ±5x10-8), combined with such advantages of temperature compensated oscillators, as low power consumption (<199 mV) and fast operation after turn-on (< 2 s).

TCXOs have standard package with footprint dimensions 36x27 mm, 12.7 mm & 16 mm height (with short term target to reduce the height down to 10 mm). Currently Morion, Inc. offers standard frequencies 10 MHz and 12.8 MHz with  either 12 V or 5 V power supply. Additional information can be found in corresponding section of product catalogue or data sheets (MV202, MV203).

We will be glad to receive your request for MV202 or MV203!


New type of ultra precision double oven quartz oscillator (DOCXO) MV216.

MV216 DOCXO is state-of-the-art development of Morion, Inc. which represents new step in the extension of double oven oscillators' product line, being already successfully used by many of Morion's customers for wide range of equipment. MV216 has the same footprint dimensions and pin-out as MV89 DOCXO model, but ensures much better performance. New DOCXO model has high stability (up to ±5x10-11) within operating temperature range and long-term stability up to ±(5...10)x10-9/year and overall stability up to ±(3...5)x10-8 per 10 years. High stability level combined with high short term stability and low phase noise performance allow to consider MV216 DOCXO as possible replacement of Rubidium oscillators in many applications. MV216 corresponds to general requirements of UMTS standard. MV216 is being supplied with nominal frequencies 5 MHz and 10 MHz. Additional information can be found in corresponding section of product catalogue or data sheet.

We will be glad to receive your request for MV216!