Morion, Inc. produces the following types of quartz oscillators

Oven Controlled Oscillators (OCXOs & DOCXOs): Temperature Compensated Oscillators (TCXOs): Voltage Controlled and Simple Oscillators(VCXOs & XOs):
Quartz filters Quartz crystals Quartz Blanks Telecom test equipment
Morion, Inc. to participate in IMS-2019
Morion-US, LLC participates in the WSTS which take place in San Jose, USA on 25th-28th March 2019
Morion-US, LLC participates in the EDI CON which takes place in Santa Clara, USA on 17th-18th October 2018
Morion, Inc. is well-known both in Russia and as a worldwide designer and manufacturer of quartz frequency control products (FCP) - quartz oscillators, filters and crystals dedicated for various applications such as telecommunications, navigation, test & measurement, digital broadcasting, search and rescue systems, etc. Over 75 years of experience and high level expertise of employees allowed Morion to become a premier producer in Russia and one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high end quartz products. Read more ...