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Quartz oscillators

Oven Controlled Oscillators (OCXOs & DOCXOs): Temperature Compensated Oscillators (TCXOs): Voltage Controlled and Simple Oscillators(VCXOs & XOs):
Morion, Inc. is the company, focused on the development and manufacturing of high-end and TOP level precision and ultra precision quartz oscillators with a tight combination of the parameters (including resistance to severe environmental conditions), fully capable to ensure their long term and high volume production. That is the field where Morion has gained the largest experience and where it is able to ensure the best combination of achievable parameters and delivery conditions.

Our production process and unique team of highly qualified specialist and design engineers allow Morion to adopt existing quartz oscillators' solutions for exact needs and custom requirements of wide range of applications.

For instance Morion's OCXOs ensures the following main features:
     • Frequency range: from 4 MHz to 700 MHz (including up to 120 MHz without multiplication);
     • High frequency stability vs. operating temperature range: up to ±5x10-11;
     • High long-term frequency stability: up to ±5x10-9 per year and ±5x10-8 per 10 years;
     • High short-term frequency stability (Allan Variance): up to 5x10-13 per 1...10 sec;
     • Low phase noise:
          - up to -115 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz;
          - up to -165 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz.
     • Low power consumption: up to 0.2...0.4 W;
     • Fast warm-up time: up to <30 sec;
     • Small size: 20x20x10 mm for a precision OCXO;
     • Resistance to severe environmental conditions.

Morion's quartz oscillators are widely used in different types of equipment. Application examples are following:
     • Cellular base stations (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMaX & Wibro);
     • Radio transmissions equipment;
     • On board and land-based frequency standards and synchronization facilities;
     • Time keeping, synchronization and navigation equipment (GPS-GLONASS);
     • Land-based stations of satellite communication (VSAT, etc.);
     • Test and measurement equipment;
     • Digital television equipment;
     • ATM/SDH equipment;
     • Radar stations equipment, etc.

On our web-site you can find the information about the latest Morion's products. We proceed the manufacturing of old types of the products, but in your new projects we kindly ask you to use modern Morion's solutions.